GeoBBS is a Bulletin Board System first conceived in 1999, GeoBBS has been under development in various forms over the past two decades.  Inspired by early bulletin board systems of the 1980s and 1990s – the system takes inspiration from various systems of the time – notably Renegade BBS and Remote Access style systems.  BBS systems of that era gradually disappeared as the World Side Web and Internet became more main-stream which also introduced new connectivity and immersive technologies.  Our vision is to harness these technologies to reconnect locally and build new digital communities.


  • Registration with identity management and verification – if so desired
  • Flexible security access controls
  • Modern and traditional games – including support for GPS based games and traditional Doors
  • Geographical and global message forums and participation.  News and announcements, chat and other resources support geofencing
  • WiFiBBS support – offer access through WiFi hotspots and mesh networks
  • Modular design makes writing plugins and interfacing with other systems a breeze
  • Inter-networking – GeoBBS nodes can exchange information between themselves
  • And much more!

GeoBBS is currently in early access beta on an invite basis.  To request an invite, get in touch with us.

Non profit and Educational Edition



Hosting during beta testing is available with an early adopters discount available when released.